Comparative Law: an Important Tool for Sujit Choudhry

Comparative Law implies the study of how different legal systems are related as well as their similarities and differences. Comparative law is becoming increasingly essential in this era of globalization and the intertwinement of global public and private laws. It assists in harmonizing and unifying law, which leads to an increased international cooperation. Comparative law is a key tool for legislators like Sujit Choudhry who is a specialist in comparative constitutional law and politics.

The Levels of Comparison of Comparative Law

Comparative law is divided into two levels, including macro-level comparison and micro-level comparison. The former entails comparing of two or more legal systems as a whole whereas the latter is about describing the analysis of a legal issue and the treatment of issue two or more legal systems. Comparison of the entire United States and German legal systems uses the macro-level comparison. Conversely, if you want to know the development of contracts in the United States and Germany, you should apply the micro-level comparison. Refer to for more.

The History of Comparative Law

Comparative law is traced back to 18th century Europe. Montesquieu is the early founder of comparative law. He applied a comparative approach from his masterpiece, De l’esprit des lois. An excerpt of the book from Chapter III cited that the civil and political laws of every state should be adapted without biases.

Sir Henry Maine, a legal historian, and British jurist is the modern founder of comparative law. In his book titled “Ancient Law,” he cited that comparative law connects the early history of societies and modern ideas. Maine sets out opinions of developing of legal institutions in remote communities and engaging comparative discussions of Western and Eastern legal traditions. Furthermore, Rudolf Schlesinger, a legal scholar, brought comparative law to the United States.  Check for additional article.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a well-known expert on comparative constitutional law and politics. He also works at the University of California, Berkeley as the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law. Sujit Choudhry integrates his extensive advisory experience in constitutional building process in Nepal, Egypt, and South Africa.  Visit this important page.

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Sujit Choudhry is the acclaimed founding director of the renowned Center for Constitutional Transitions, which mobilizes knowledge for supporting the constitution building process. Additionally, he has published more than ninety articles, reports, and book chapters.

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Brian Bonar Stars in the Financial World

Brian Bonar is one of the most performing entrepreneurs in the financial world. In 2010, he featured in the Cambridge Who’s Who list as the Executive of the year. The list honors two male and fame executives from any company according to their leadership skills, the professional achievements and their academic achievements as well. Brian Bonar was the Dalrada Financial Group’ CEO then.

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According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar’s outstanding career and passion in business have credited him honour and numerous awards. Also, Bonar is a Ph. D and a member of many other positive organisations including the American Finance Association.

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Paul Mampilly Reaches Investment Newsletter Milestone

Paul Mampilly’s investment newsletter has reached 60,000 subscribers. Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited, highlights a new stock and tracks the stock’s progress on his website. Many of the newsletter’s subscribers have written in their success rates with the stocks that Mampilly writes about. 11 of the 13 stocks that he’s featured have been profitable.

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Mampilly resides in Durham, North Carolina and studied Finance and Accounting at Montclair State University. He went on to earn his MBA in Finance at the Fordham Gabeli School of Business. Paul Mampilly has over ten years of volunteer work and is passionate about helping children, education, supporting the arts as well as the sciences. Presently, Mampilly works for his own consulting company, Capuchin Consulting, guiding professional investors in their work.

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Paul Mampilly’s passion to help everyone, from the couch investor to those who invest professionally, achieve their investment goals is outlined through his newsletter and consulting company. Backed by a curiosity and fervor to educate, Mampilly’s life has been devoted to learning and teaching others what he has learned. His volunteer work with children has also highlighted this, with the hopes of educating youth in trading and investments. With years of success, his passions have turned into profits.


Critics Continue To Scrutinize Beneful Dog Foods

The current trend among pet owners is to feed their beloved pets with foods that contain more familiar ingredients. According to surveys that have been conducted among pet owners, more of them are treating their pets as part of the family. This trickles down to the food they consume, with the owners desiring that the food be more like human food. This is according to a recent article by the Huffington Post you can also buy dog food from online.

It is not unusual to see various dog food brands coming under scrutiny and criticism from dog lovers and pet like critics alike. This was the case for Beneful, a top-selling dry dog food brand produced by Nestle Purina PetCare. The brand, introduced in 2001, currently feeds an estimated 14 million dogs every year, according to Nielsen.However, the popular dog food has faced some harsh criticism from bloggers over the ingredients used in making the dog food. This is especially so in the use of propylene glycol. The compound is commonly confused with another, ethylene glycol, which is an ingredient in the manufacture of anti-freeze and is poisonous to dogs.

Propylene glycol is widely used in making dog food and human food as well. It is approved for use by the FDA. Another point of criticism is the use of color dyes in Beneful Coupons. As much as they appeal to human consumers, they do not have the same effects on dogs. Another subject mentioned by critics is the possibility of mycotoxins, which to be fair, are also present in most dry pet foods according to testing. Minimal levels of mycotoxins in pet foods are allowed the E.U. and the FDA. These levels allowed are not taken as a health concern as they are also present in agricultural produce.These are the issues that formed the basis of a class action suit that started in early 2015. However, since then, a third of the plaintiffs have discontinued their involvement in the suit against Nestle Purina over Beneful. The class action lawyers have also been seen changing the allegations on several occasions. Nestle Purina have clearly pointed out that they are not going to settle the case.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention is better than cure. It would save many people if they knew how to prevent some of the diseases that affect them. Someone is at a safer level of health than another one who is taking the cure if he or she is prevented against a disease. The cure is not always curing because most of the drugs that people take have side effects that are not healthy for the human body. Prevention enables people to avoid diseases that do not have a cure in some cases. The cases of polio have reduced because of the prevention. Using prevention in India is now Polio free. This is one of the countless examples of the importance of prevention over cure.

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How Would Life Be Without The U.S. Money Reserve

Technology has shaped how we view the world today. In the past, life was bright, but today it is more beautiful thanks to technological innovations. Unlike in the past, companies can now make an extra dollar with regards to profits, especially if they integrate technology into their daily operations. Just like any other corporation, the U.S. Money Reserve based in Austin Texas has started to take note that it can achieve more regarding sales if only it makes use of technology. To this end, it recently launched its first website; a move meant to boost productivity.



With the U.S. Money Reserve’s inception having taken place in 2001, it is an intuition that has dominated the coin minting business for close to two decades. Despite its successes, the corporation knows that it can achieve more. To date, it distributes gold, silver and platinum bullion to interested parties in all of America. Although their client base has been significant, it is prone to increase since their new website will be able to captivate customers from all over the world. Very soon it might transition from being a national business to a global enterprise.



Besides, the U.S. Money Reserve is using its new tool to keep a watchful eye on its clients. Many institutions that have adopted technology have become successful mainly because high-tech innovations allow corporations to build strong relationships with their customers. Similarly, the new website being used by the U.S. Money Reserve will help the institution know what it is doing right and where it is going wrong so that it can be able to improve service delivery to its customers.



The new website offers the U.S. Money Reserve customers a convenient way of handling business. Its mere existence shows that online transactions are possible, and these have proven to be successful in other parts of the world. Paper money has been the in-thing for a very long time. However, more people today are considering minted bullion as the safest way of investing their assets.



Currently, this money reserve agency works only with skilled and qualified personnel so as to foster efficiency, customer satisfaction, and productivity at the end of the day. The U.S. Money Reserve values its clients more, and this is one of the reasons as to why it strives to strengthen its trust with all its customers.



Therefore, the new internet site being used by the U.S. Money Reserve will inevitably trap new clients and at the same time retain old customers. The new website is more of a blessing than a curse to the United States of America money reserve since it will not only help strengthen customer ties but also boost productivity leading to a highly successful industry.

The Rise of Comparative Law: Sujit Choudhry and the Modern Day Nation Builders

The study of international politics and law has never been more important. More countries are opening their borders than ever before, and this is creating new challenges for law makers. Making these matters more interesting is the intense clash of ideals in the Eastern and Western worlds, as they were commonly called. Democracy is attempting to make its way across the globe, but in countries that were traditionally authoritarian, it may need some help. This is where the study of comparative law comes in.  Check

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First taking hold in the 18th century, comparative law quickly became the way of philosophers to talk about what makes countries different politically. Marred with centuries of political and military strife, France and Britain were the first two subjects of this field. Now, modern-day thinkers are using the teachings of this philosophical field and putting it into practice. They are researching the difference in the legal systems and social systems of different countries and attempting to create constitutions that fit the needs and wants of the people it will affect. While it may seem easy in theory, in practice this is a very difficult thing to do. There are few people better at this practice that Sujit Choudhry.

Sujit Choudhry was born in India in 1970 and quickly rose to a prominent academic standing. He earned law degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto, and he even worked with the Supreme Court Justice of Canada. He quickly go into academics at the University of Toronto and did several studies of international politics and relations. He has spoken and visited over two dozen different countries, and he has even helped create the constitutions of several countries in the Middle East and North Africa.  Related blog on

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Sujit Choudhry is now the Dean of the University of California-Berkeley law school and the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, see this on This organization helps to provide expertise and resources to governments and other organizations that want to help move their legal systems and constitutions into a more democratic direction. Sujit Choudhry is one of the most renowned individuals in the field of comparative law and has been recognized for it with the reward of a Rhodes Scholar and several partnerships with other organizations.

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Securus Technologies Bags the Gold Stevie Award for Providing Best Customer Services to Inmates

Securus Technologies earned the Gold Stevie Award in the 11th annual Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service. Securus Technologies is an internationally recognized company that provides civil and criminal justice solutions for corrections, public safety, and investigation. The event to present the awards was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada and the attendance list exceeded 650 executives.


The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service crowns organizations with good customer service, business development, and sales experts. It also organizes prestigious business award initiatives including the International Business Awards and the American Business Awards SM.


The Selection Process


An evaluation of over 2300 nominations from different organizations was conducted. Later, international experts determined the finalists who had an average score of 77 marks. Admissions were considered in 61 groups for customer service and contact center achievements, including Consulting Practice of the Year. In addition, entries considered over 53 categories for sales and business development achievements, for instance the Senior Sales Executive of the Year. Over 75 members of the judging committees determined Stevie Award’s awards.


Danny de Hoyos from Securus Technologies cited that he appreciated being recognized by experts for the company’s efforts in the customer service department. Danny mentioned that customer service emerged from the training team who acknowledged empathy for the customers. Therefore, they focused on developing techniques that would help agents to empathize with their customers.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice solutions that improves public safety and investigations. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 corrections as well as law enforcement agencies and more than 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. Further, the commitment of the company lies in serving inmates through providing public information, emergency responses, and monitoring services.


Sujit Choudhry, Constitutional Construction Expert

Born in 1970 in New Delhi, India, Sujit Choudhry is currently serving as the twelfth Dean of University of California’s, Berkeley School of Law. Of equal significance, he is an author and an internationally recognized expert in comparative, constitutional law.

Comparative law studies different laws including: common; civil; socialist; Canon; Jewish, Islamic; Hindu; and Chinese law. The process of comparative law dates to 18th century, Europe. The “father” of current comparative law was Sir Henry Maine, a British historian and lawyer. Primarily, comparative law exists for gaining more knowledge, contributing to the development, perfection and fusion of legal systems. And the significance of comparative law has grown thanks to increased cooperation between more nations, democracy, and global monetary markets.

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In a February, 2017 interview, Dean Choudhry was asked about what books inspired him in his field. Those mentioned included:

  • Ely’s Democracy and Distrust;
  • Alexander Bickel’s The Least Dangerous Branch;
  • Hart’s Concept of Law; and
  • Dworkin’s “Hard Cases” despite the fact that he more closely associates himself with Fred Schauer’s criticisms of Dworkin.

Each referenced book documents theories, policies, principles of equality, and constitutional development, construction and integration.  Interesting News here,

In another interesting interview question, Dean Sujit Choudhry addressed current challenges in his field. These included:

  • Design and interpretation of constitutional changes;
  • The loss of democracy in 1930s Europe;
  • Crossbreeding constitutional development;
  • Relational analysis by the courts system;
  • Integrating approaches to constitutional writing in societies separated by cultures;
  • Transitional justice versus negotiated transitions.

And finally, when asked about what counsel the Dean would offer to the next generation of comparative legal experts, he stated “This is comparative constitutional law’s moment. We may be facing the greatest global challenge to liberal democratic constitutionalism since WWII. For those of us who live and work in the United States, but study the world, the myth of American exceptionalism has been punctured, and comparative experience has never been more important to mainstream legal and political analysis. The best scholarship will combine analytical rigor with political salience. Rise to the challenge.”  For more, check

The Center of Constitutional Transitions, founded by Dean Choudhry, is the world’s first university-based organization to share knowledge in support of constitutional construction.  More on

Dean Choudhry was educated at such esteemed institutions as the University of Toronto Schools; McGill University; University of Oxford (Rhodes Scholar); University of Toronto; and Harvard Law School.  Additional Info on